Academic Leave

When access to the Hexlet program is obtained by an upfront payment, student loan, or installment payment, funds will continue to be deducted whether or not the student is actually studying. Academic leave allows you to extend the learning period, so that missed time that you have paid for is not wasted. Academic leave does not apply to the subscription, this can be canceled at any time and reconnected later.

Since Hexlet learning has no strict deadlines or schedule, you can skip a few days without academic leave and then catch up on what you missed. You have access to the platform, chat room, and tutor at all times.

We recommend that you request a leave of absence if you plan to take a break for 7 days or more. We can then disconnect you from some paid systems, saving these funds to be carried forward.

How long can I take a leave of absence for?

The total leave duration is 1 month. Allocate this time however you like - take it all or break it up into weeks. Your learning period will simply increase by the number of days you miss. You don't have to pay extra for them.

How do I take leave?

Academic leave is given on request, so you can't just disappear for a month and claim a leave post hoc, these periods of absence won't be compensated. Use the following algorithm:

  • Write to your group community manager saying that you will be absent and indicate the start/end dates.
  • If there was a force majeure or the dates are not known in advance, arrange for the date of next contact. At the end of the leave period, your community manager will check in to find out your current status.
  • When you return from leave, contact your community manager and let them know that you are ready to continue. The community manager will tell you the latest news, outline an action plan, and return your accesses.
  • Pick up learning where you left off.

Payments for each month of Hexlet access will be deducted according to the original schedule.

Can I study while on leave?

Some schools give academic leave so that students can catch up with classmates and/or meet deadlines. At Hexlet, on the other hand, leave is given for recreation or other personal reasons. However, you will still have access to the theory you've taken on the website and the chat event recordings from your tutor, so in a spare moment, you can go back and refresh your memory on a topic.