Hexlet Community in Slack

Hexlet is not only programming courses but also a huge community of potential and current software builders. The main communication platform is open Slack chat. There you can ask for help with a difficult task, report a bug, make a suggestion or just chat about programming or any other topic.

Community Guidelines

Hexlet community doesn’t allow spam, abuse, and actions that negatively affect the community atmosphere and repel newcomers. We also don’t allow pirated content and content that violates the copyright. If you find content that violates this policy, report it.

Slack clients

There are several ways to use Slack: 

  1. Via browser. Chat will work in a separate tab, no additional extensions are needed
  2. Via the mobile apps for iOS and Android
  3. Via the official desktop app:
  • — Installation on Linux
  • sudo snap install slack --classic
  • — Installation on macOS
  • brew install --cask slack
  • — Download app for Windows


Communication in Slack takes place in thematic channels. After the registration, you’ll discover only a part of them.

Follow the instructions below to find other interesting channels:

  1. Click “Channels” on the left sidebar
  2. You’ll see the full list of channels
  3. Choose a channel you want to join. You’ll see its chat history after opening, and at the bottom, there will be a "Join Channel" button. Click on it to subscribe.

More details about some of the channels

  • #general — the main channel. Discussions about Hexlet and programming, webinars notifications, slackonars. No flooding
  • #hexlet-feedback — suggestions, comments, bug reports
  • #job — if you look for a job or if you want to offer one
  • #hexlet-projects — if you do projects
  • #random — communication on arbitrary topics

Messages formating

Make your messages easy to read. You can format your text in Slack with the special markup.

Instruction with illustrations.

  • *bold* or Ctrl/⌘ + B — bold
  • _italic_ or Ctrl/ + I — italic
  • ~strikethrough~ or Ctrl/ + Shift + X — strikethrough,
  • use > quote to make a quote,
  • use >>> to make a quote out of several paragraphs,
  • use code to highlight a text with color and monospace font, suitable for decorating commands and small pieces of code.
  • Use ``` before and after the text to format it as a code block. Long pieces of text can be inserted as snippets, they will be folded by default and won't disturb those who didn't intend to read them.

Message archive

The free Slack version shows about 10 000 of the previous messages. Communication is active, so the messages are rarely stored for more than a week. Save what’s important for you.

Access recovery

If you’re registered in Slack but cannot sign in, contact us at support@hexlet.io