Support on Courses and Projects

Every lesson and project step has a Discussion section where you can create a topic with a question or suggestion.

When will I get an answer?

We answer questions on weekdays, within 2-3 days of posting.

Both support staff and other students see the threads in the Discussion section - the more experienced people can answer too. That said, we review all the topics, so we'll help if the question hasn't been resolved.

How do I get a quicker answer?

Help the person answering your question. Describe the problem in detail, giving as much information as possible - they won't need to waste time on clarifications and can give a substantive answer right away.

We have written an article with recommendations to make formulating the right questions easier for students.

Can you assess my solution?

If it passes the tests and linter check, then it's already fine. To see what you can do better, you can compare your solution with the teacher's which is available in every lesson.

We don't go through solutions in the discussions. But if you are studying with a tutor, discuss with your tutor in a Slack chat.

You can also ask questions about the exercise and your solution on one of our Slack channels (#frontend, #php, #java, #python).

Who do I ask if I have a question regarding something not covered in the lesson?

Ask it in Slack. Hexlet students and our programmer friends chat there, and they're happy to share their experiences or give advice.

And, of course, you can email us at